Great Business Opportunities Seen Between Fiji And Japan

SUNBIZ – December 03, 2015 – Great synergies between Fiji and Japan can lead to successful ventures across investments, trade and tourism, says Investment Fiji chief executive Godo Müller-Teut.

He made the comments while addressing guests attending an evening reception in honour of the Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Masakazu Hamachi, on Tuesday evening.

“Fiji truly is the hub of the Pacific and investments will not only serve the domestic market but can easily be exported across the Pacific Region, thus capitalising on a much wider population base. Investment is the engine that will move us forward,” he said.

Mr Müller-Teut said Fiji offered a pristine environment, virgin soils and opportunities across a niche agriculture commodity exports, textiles and tourism.

“The links between our countries have been strong on several fronts and you being here is testimony to this growing relationship,” he said.

“Tonight we celebrate Fiji’s strong and growing relationship with Japan.”

Mr Müller-Teut hoped the one-day Seminar held on Tuesday allowed the delegates to broaden the perception of Fiji, beyond the scenic beauty of the country.

He hoped it would include attributes like our innovation and resourcefulness, our unique culture, our integrity and our welcoming and friendly people.

In addition, he said Japan was a country of great technological advancements across countless fields.

These, he said, included being a world leader in agriculture technologies and know how, state-of-the-art healthcare systems and ground-breaking manufacturing processes.

“The people are renowned for their diligence, dedication and tenacity,” he said.

The visit by the high-level Japanese delegation is the first after a lapse of a number of years.

It has been made possible by the efforts put in by Fiji’s Embassy in Japan, Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Investment Fiji.

The delegation return to Japan at the end of the week.

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